Home Selling Tips

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A lot of people find it harder to sell their homes during winter than in summer. Experts though see a lot of advantages when you try to sell your house during the colder months. One, the market’s buying frenzy during the spring is over and sellers have more time to think of the different offers. The competition is also less with fewer homes up for grabs.

Below are some real estate tips if you are planning to sell your home during winter:

Spruce up the Exterior

Just like what you need to do any time of the year, you need to make your house look well-maintained and well taken care of. You cannot do paintwork in winter but you can wash paintwork and your siding with some soapy water. Make sure your windows are also clean and clear.

Decorate the Entryway

You must have a very welcoming entryway so highlight it with some lights, garlands, and other ornaments. You can also place some festive greenery to give your front porch more life and make it more inviting.

Clear all Obstructions

Trim down the bushes, shrubs, and branches and make sure they do not obstruct entrances or walkways. Make sure your walkway has been shoveled and free of ice before showcasing your house. This will also make sure that no untoward incident, like people slipping on your walkway, happens for which you will be liable for.

Light Some Candles

Improve the ambiance indoors by lighting some candles. Some scented candles and some potpourri will tickle the romantic side of prospective buyers. You can also have some soup on the stove or some cookies baking in the oven.

Protect Your Floors

Put some rubber mats by your door so the buyers can clear their boots of snow. You can also buy some comfy slippers from a discount store which you can offer everyone before touring your home.