Tips on How to Take a Good Photo of Your Property

photographing your home

A picture of your house can seal the deal. A good image on your property listing is very important. Remember that even if you have an amazing house to sell, no one will even open your listing if your photos are not good enough. So how do you take great photos of the real estate property you are trying to sell? Read on for our simple to follow tips:

Make Sure Everything is Neat and Clean

The photos of your property will be the preview of potential buyers. Thus, the impression they will make is very crucial to catch the interest of buyers. You need to clean the outside of your house. Make sure your driveway and lawn look great. Make sure you move your car from the driveway before clicking that camera.

The interior should be free from any clutter, dirty clothes, unfixed beds, and any other eyesore. Polish the furniture and make sure the windows are very clean. Make everything look spacious so you need to re-arrange your furniture if needed. Stage every room properly and you will see immediate results of your listing.

No Pets

Your dogs, rabbits, mice, snakes, dinosaurs, and dragons should not be included in the shot. You do not want them to distract the potential buyers from checking out your home. Be the pets tidy or not, you want the buyers to focus on seeing the best features of your home.


The best way to light the room is by opening every curtain or blinds. This way you can avoid uneven lighting and unnecessary shadows.

Take lots of Shots

Go to every area of your home and take as many shots as you want. From there you can pick the best ones that you will feature on your property listing.